An unputdownable mystery novella – Mystery of the Mistaken Mystic by bestselling author Ajit Panicker

If you are a novel lover and looking for something new and interesting, then you should definitely read this one – MYSTERY OF THE MISTAKEN MYSTIC by Ajit Panicker.

MYSTERY OF THE MISTAKEN MYSTIC is a novel which if once begun is unputdownable. Trust me it is that intriguing. As it is evident from the title and the cover page of the book itself, the novel has mystery and thrill all over it.

It is not just the suspense; it surprisingly also has an unbelievable love story with a murder mystery in it which will make you keep flipping the pages without a break. Such is the level of excitement that unfolds as you read through it.

The novel was launched in a virtual program recently. The launch program had a five-memberpanel with hundreds of people witnessing the launch.

The story of the novel is based on a character called Sivan. As you read through the life of Sivan, you would feel as if he is someone amongst you who is struggling to overcome his everyday challenges. Sivan continues to face and overcome the everyday challenges in his life. His life is like ours, full of troubles created by the competitors. But the thing worth appreciating is the way he corners each one of them in a mysterious way.
If you want to unravel this mystery, you will have to read the full novella. It is available as an eBook on Amazon. The book is in English but would soon be available in Hindi also.

The author of this novella is a Malayali English writer. Although he was born in Lucknow, and so can also be called as a Mallu Nawab. He shot to fame with his first book, My School “My Father” which is available both in English and Hindi. He has also authored a novel, I Think I Know You…Karunya, Do I?, which was awarded as one of the top ten books in the contest called “American Idol for Book Lovers 2017”