An Extraordinary Teaser Video for Minted Teddy NFT Avatar Project Reveals the Next-Gen Procedural Art Technique

A new teaser video for a 3D NFT project showcases the first-of-its-kind generative art where every pixel is procedurally enhanced and every part of each teddy unique.
The project lead artist created the spectacular video, Italian 3D whiz Claudio Bellini, and the music was composed by Riccardo Sellan.
The video showcases the revolutionary approach to 3D generative art – presenting more than 100 unique teddies in an art burst style. Unlike other profile picture projects who swap out the same parts, every teddy is uniquely generated with each element coloured and/or shaped differently. This includes the background, too – all 11,111 Minted Teddies will have a unique background.
The video marks the beginning of the campaign to promote the upcoming pubic drop on Jan. 11, 2022. The drop includes incredible rare teddies, and it will be completely random. Minted Teddy NFT artwork will be revealed immediately at the mint.
The project aims to establish an engaged community inspired by already successful NFT avatar projects, like Bored Ape and CloneX. 
Minted Teddy is collaborative by design. First, an award-winning design studio from Brooklyn, Spitfire Industry, has created the new teddy toy. The 3D toy model then became a canvas for Italian 3D artist Claudio Bellini from Venice to create 11,111 unique 3D teddies, pushing the boundaries of generative 3D art. Zoran Kovacevic, the founder of Minted Teddy, is deeply involved in the design and production, ensuring that the project becomes a platform for further innovation.
The collaboration will continue with the planned AI teddy character training, where all Minted Teddy NFT holders can shape the teddy character by contributing to the teddy wisdom pool.
Minted Teddy also transcends the physical and digital worlds. All NFT buyers will receive a sustainable teddy toy. 
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Media contact:
Caroline Martins
Source: Minted Teddy