An Expert Guide to Transforming a Deck to Add Value to a Property

As property prices fall across the country, investing in some simple outdoor improvements can increase the value of a home. According to Softwoods, a family-owned South Australian company that has been trading for more than 30 years, installing a deck will enhance the appearance of a backyard space while also bringing warmth and comfort to the outdoor area.
When it comes to decking, Softwoods says the structure is the most important element of the entire project. If there is an existing deck on the property that has seen better days, homeowners should assess whether it is worth repairing or building a new one. If the structural integrity of the deck is at risk, then the safety of the deck is too. Signs of wood deterioration include splinters or loose boards, as well as nails and screws coming loose. Softwoods says sometimes a fix can be more costly than starting from scratch, and it may be safer to replace than repair.
Softwoods explains that in addition to enhancing appearance, there are definite benefits to adding a deck that will both increase the enjoyment of the outdoor space as well as the property’s appeal to prospective buyers. As an extension of the home, a deck creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, increasing the feel of usable space for entertaining, relaxing and dining.
While decking extends the living space, it is also a part of the backyard, so adding plants will unify the space with the larger outdoor environment. Using pots and planters or adding a vertical garden will bring colour, life and visual interest to the deck, suggests Softwoods.
Adding lighting, comfortable seating and even an outdoor kitchen will further enhance the appeal of the deck by making it both functional and stylish. Softwoods recommends treating the outdoor space like an interior space by making it a warm and inviting place to relax.
For a deck that can be used all year round, Softwoods says adding outdoor lighting and a pergola will bring the most benefits to homeowners. 
To learn more about decking and pergolas, contact Softwoods.
Source: Softwoods