AMP Recover Selected by Rebound Vitality for New Injury Recovery & Innovative Wellness Programs

Rebound, a healthcare delivery company dedicated to the well-being of public safety workers, announced this week that it has chosen AMP Recover as its digital training management tool under its innovative wellness division, Vitality. The partnership empowers Rebound Vitality’s team to digitally deliver wellness programs and protocols to its clients around the country.
Rebound Vitality is the market innovator in reducing the risk of injury and illness for first responders. Rebound works closely with municipalities, insurance companies and healthcare providers, all of whom have a stake in the well-being of our local heroes. Rebound Vitality’s approach incorporates technology, data, education, and training programs aimed at safeguarding the health of first responders through safe movement analysis and remediation, muscle recovery, oncology and cancer assessments, and behavioral health support. Vitality leverages the latest healthcare technology and is a central focus of the Rebound Vitality-AMP Recover relationship.
“The tactical athletes that Rebound Vitality serves are America’s finest and deserve the best. Our mission is to outfit them with evidence-based care that is accessible, convenient, modern and safe,” said Trent Nessler, Vitality President. “AMP Recover’s industry-leading digital health platform is the perfect solution for us as we manage the wellbeing of our members, whose jobs require them to be on top of their game day in and day out.”
AMP Recover has a history of working with coaches as they prepare elite athletes for the highest levels of competition and caregivers as they guide patients to a higher quality of living. This marks the company’s first foray into the “tactical athlete” space. “It’s an honor and privilege to have our digital solution embedded into Rebound Vitality’s workflow,” says AMP Recover CEO David Nichols. “Knowing that these first responders are digitally tethered to Vitality’s elite wellness solutions is awesome. This type of virtual training delivery is the future of healthcare and will be a game changer for the health of public safety workers.”
The AMP Recover platform leverages digital and mobile technologies to virtually deliver high-quality healthcare experiences. By engaging patients in their recovery and continually monitoring their progress throughout the episode, caregivers receive actionable insights that enable timely interventions and ultimately help achieve positive outcomes. With a constant connection between patients and their care teams, healthcare organizations improve patient satisfaction while reducing costs, creating value for all stakeholders.
“AMP Recover offers the perfect blend of leading technology and meaningful engagement to help deliver Vitality’s innovative wellness services to public safety workers,” said Luis Rivera, Rebound Founder and CEO. “Our goal is for our members to feel and perform better not only while on the job but well into their retirements. Having a high-quality digital platform is one of the key components to reaching this objective, and we’re excited to see how this partnership enhances the lives of our members.”
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Source: AMP Recover