Amnon Zakay, Founder of Raz International, Presents Unique Techniques for Hair Loss

Raz Hair International wants to introduce their unique hair restoration method—integrated thread hairlines (ITHL). ITHL is a procedure that blends hair into the client’s existing tresses, very close to the scalp, using a special thread instead. Rather than shaving or trimming, Amnon Zakay, founder and owner, blends in more hair to enhance what’s there. While Amnon Zakay has been operating Raz Hair International since 1982, ITHL is his unique method of hair restoration. Amnon was also recently accredited as a master hair replacement specialist from the American Hair Loss Council and featured in the American Entrepreneur by Kathleen Tracy.
“First of all, I am an artist,” he says. “I sculpt and paint, and back then was doing music as a hobby. And I consider myself a compassionate people-person. You need both in hair restoration. In this business, my work is always related to art and creativity. And every individual who comes here, men and women alike, I can make them laugh and comfortable. And when I bring them back to look as they did five, 10, or sometimes even 20 years earlier, it makes them so happy.”
Features and benefits of ITHL include:
Amnon conducts every consultation personally so he can assess the client’s unique hair situation and provide them with a highly personalized treatment recommendation. That one-on-one, consumer-centric philosophy, commitment to quality, and the proprietary ITHL method, are the foundation of Raz Hair and Amnon’s niche market success. 
Amnon also performs all methods of non-surgical, non-invasive hair restoration and hair loss treatments. Just as often, Amnon says he helps someone with hair loss simply look their actual age rather than 15 years older. He not only helped their physical appearance, but the treatments also improved their self-confidence and emotional outlook
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Source: Raz Hair International