AMI Publishes Report on 5 Energy Megatrends in Latin America for 2022

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has just published a new report, entitled 5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2022 and beyond, which is available for free download on the AMI website.
AMI has completed more than 100 studies on Latin America’s energy market over the years. It has produced proprietary research and market intelligence covering Latin America’s oil/gas market, Latin America’s renewables market (solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, biofuels), LatAm’s energy storage/batteries market, Latin America’s natural gas sector, Latin America’s hydrogen market and more. AMI’s experience is what drives the analysis reflected in this report, which highlights five major changes taking place in Latin America’s energy sector:
“We decided to focus the report on these megatrends so that companies can anticipate them and adjust their strategies accordingly,” explains Arthur Deakin, Co-Director of AMI’s Energy practice. “As seen in the recent decisions involving ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell, the energy sector is undergoing a green energy revolution that can be a bit unpredictable. Although the sector’s volatility is even greater in Latin America, in general, we feel that the data supports these megatrends and that data is what fuels this report.”
Among the key data points highlighted in 5 Megatrends in Latin America’s Energy Sector for 2022 and beyond:
“Overall, we’re hoping that the report serves as an additional resource as energy companies, financiers, investors and lenders face a series of challenges in the region,” explains Deakin. “It’s part of our overall thought leadership initiative for the LatAm energy sector, along with our analysis pieces, our upcoming whitepaper on sustainable energy in the LatAm energy sector, and future webinars.”
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Source: Americas Market Intelligence