American Entrepreneur Recognized on National Senior Citizen Day

Steve Singer of BioSafe LLC is being recognized as an American entrepreneur on National Senior Citizens Day as part of the American Presidency Project, which falls on August 21.
While many entrepreneurs, executives and business owners are foregoing the office to stay at home and retire early, this 82-year-old senior citizen refused to relax, sit back and enjoy the twilight of his life. Instead, he decided to go back into business and start a new company in which the average age of the staff members is 74 years old. A business that’s not only thriving but has quickly become a leader in its industry.
“I wanted to create a company that needed no capital infusion, holds no inventory, has no debt or outstanding receivables. We’ve done all that,” said Singer.  “This is really our first full year in business, and we’ll probably do close to $10,000,000 in sales. Next year, I would like to double that if we can.”
Singer, a former textile industry executive and current founder of BioSafe LLC, an industrial packaging company based in Palm Beach, Florida, recognized that a key component of the industry had gone missing over the years and decided to do something about it.
“Everything has become so digital. Whether you want to order something as simple as plastic bottles or aerosol cans, you have to jump through too many hoops to get a quote and get their products. You have to spend time filling out website forms only to get a message stating that someone will contact you in three business days,” remarked Singer. 
Instead, BioSafe prides themselves on answering the phone. “We answer the phone every time, and if we don’t have the answer, we will find it immediately, not in three business days. Additionally, mostly all of our quotes include delivery to the client’s door, which enables them to spend more time on their own business, rather than spending hours with freight companies and customs clearance to get delivery. Our credo is to trade high volumes at low margins. All this helps our customer and keeps their loyalty. We become like a member of their family,” he added.
Feeling the responsibility to help out whenever help is really needed, Singer also started his own foundation in 1973 to facilitate charitable donations. As a result, he has annually donated 5% of gross profits, primarily to the educational and medical sectors.   
A lot of CEOs and corporations get a bad rap these days, however, this 82-year-old businessman is setting an example for other entrepreneurs, executives and business owners. What’s really different about this guy is that most people can’t wait for the weekend, while Singer, on the other hand, can’t wait for Monday morning.
Source: BioSafe