America Will Be Projecting Your World Through Akyumen Smartphones

The United States is all set to project its success further globally as Akyumen introduces its hi-tech 5G. The launch of Akyumen smartphones will create a new wave of technology, tremendously revolutionizing all aspects of human existence. Be it education or entertainment, art or science, business or healthcare, this technological marvel will bring drastic changes to human civilization.
Akyumen smartphones are powered by nanotechnology to perform the most demanding tasks at an unparalleled speed. It also has a powerful built-in projector system, offering an intuitive video experience with the highest quality streaming in a smartphone that could be projected anywhere, anytime. With 60 lumens, this extra-ordinary feature will enable users to project shows, movies, presentations, and other video content onto a screen with just a single click of a button.
“What is more powerful than steel? What is stronger than steel? Nano Technology! We will bring nanotechnology to make Gary stronger and the most powerful city in the United States in manufacturing high tech.”
– Aasim Saied, CEO Akyumen Industries.
Akyumen has been acing the innovation race at an accelerated pace and will now locate its headquarters in Gary to build 5G smartphones with built-in projectors. This ultra-modern technology is a big digital investment that is now expected to pave the way for America’s technological leadership. The launch of this technological marvel will bring the world to the cusp of colossal changes. Now that Gary Mayor Jerome Prince has partnered with Aasim Saied, America awaits the greatest future ahead.
To learn more about how Aasim Saied’s Akyumen smartphones will revolutionize the world of technology, visit Akyumen Industries’ website.
Aasim Saied, Founder and CEO, Akyumen Industries.
Source: Akyumen Industries