Alter Health Group to Provide Emotional and Crisis Support to COVID-19 Victims Under the CalHOPE Program

Alter Health Group is pleased to announce that it’s been awarded a contract to provide emotional and crisis support to COVID-19 victims through the CalHOPE program in partnership with California Mental Health Services Authority (CaIMHSA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).
“The CalHOPE program provides an important array of services to support the people of California through the stress of the public health emergency,” said DHCS Director Will Lightbourne. “We are pleased to have Alter Health Group reach residents in their area with critical crisis counseling services.”
Alter Health Group will implement the crisis counseling assistance and training program, providing non-clinical emotional and crisis support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated stressors. The aim is to assist individuals and communities recovering from the effects of natural and human-caused disasters.
Local Community Support
Working with case managers, community mental health workers, peers, and other non-licensed personnel, Alter Health Group will hold up to six time-limited group and family CCP sessions per person via telephone, chat, or web conference. The sessions will be culturally proficient, emotional, and crisis support sessions throughout the COVID-19 impacted states experiencing negative outcomes.
Speaking ahead of the launch, Alter Health Group Program Coordinator Briant Stringham said, “It is a privilege and honor to be able to support the citizens of California. ABH will continue to expand our virtual platform to help provide more convenient access to mental health support and services.”
A Platform for Survivors to Share Their Stories
Alter will give the affected people a virtual platform and phone support to share their experience during the disaster to start their recovery journey. Community mental workers will provide all the necessary emotional support to the affected individuals.
Case managers will suggest some useful and simple techniques to victims that will help ease their situation.
Crisis support will come in handy by incorporating past recovery skills used by other individuals in similar situations.
COVID-19 Survivors Represent Hope
Alter Health Group understands that some victims may have lost their loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Others may have lost their livelihoods, but giving them a shoulder to lean on gives them the energy to keep fighting. It will also bring in a feeling of belonging, making every day worth living.
Alter hopes that the platform and support services will help survivors understand their current situation and reactions, mitigate stress, and develop coping strategies.
833-317-HOPE aka 833-317-4673
855-838-6910 – BeWellLine
Press Contact: Crystal Catarama
Source: Alter Health Group