Alter Health Group Announces Rebranding and TV Commercial to Bring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Into the Spotlight

Alter Health Group has announced that it will be changing their logo and brand styling across all of its entities, accompanied by an emotional and empowering commercial to be aired on television on Memorial Day, 2021.
This transition to a new image is a push towards bringing substance abuse and mental health treatment out of the taboo shadows and into the modern era. Alter Health Group sees the attitude towards mental health shifting and choose to fully embrace the change, riding the wave with a full rebranding head to toe.
The company will still be supporting the same health brands after the brand update, so existing clients have nothing to be concerned about. These supported groups include Dana Point Rehab Campus, California Rehab Campus, Alter Behavioral Health, Altignis Health and BeWellLine. Each location provides science-backed treatment methodologies that use the newest research data and technology giving patients the highest chance at success and reclaiming their lives as possible.
Content from Alter Health Group’s new commercial is a gripping delivery of a life-changing opportunity. In just one minute, the team is able to showcase struggle, determination, courage and triumph all while igniting that same flame in every viewer that watches.
Alter Health Group was founded in 2019 to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment for both substance abuse and behavioral therapy, using both traditional and modern approaches such as evidence-based treatment modalities.
Understanding the mental health field is ever-changing, Alter Health Group takes a multidimensional approach to every patient. Treatment plans through each of the supported campus locations focuses on more than symptoms. Referencing the most recent findings and proven treatment methods, patients may find themselves receiving aid in a manner they never knew existed.
Alter Health Group’s mission is to transform lives one at a time, until a societal change is made by getting rid of the stigma of receiving behavioral or substance abuse therapy until recovery is a guaranteed success. The team urges anyone who is suffering from substance abuse, behavioral issues or other mental health challenges to reach out to their support line at 949-755-7535 to receive the helping hand you need to regain independence.
Press Contact: Crystal Catarama

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