AllVoices’ State of Workplace Wrongdoing Report Shows Employees Are Still Hesitant to Report

Anonymous reporting platform AllVoices has released the findings from its State of Workplace Wrongdoing 2021 Report.
The report surveyed 1,000 U.S. workers on March 8, 2021 with the mission of better understanding patterns of witnessing, responding to, and reporting wrongdoing in the workplace. The report advances AllVoices’ goal of fostering safe, happy, and healthy workplaces for all.
Key Findings 
Claire Schmidt, CEO and Founder of AllVoices, notes the significance of the report’s findings: “These findings confirm what we’ve observed firsthand through AllVoices—workplace wrongdoing is still a serious concern, but workers fear retaliation or apathy should they lodge a report. Providing channels for workers of all experience levels to report anonymously without fear of repercussion continues to be imperative.”
To download a full copy of the report, please click HERE.  
About AllVoices
In today’s workforce, people often don’t feel empowered to speak up and voice their opinions about workplace issues, including harassment, bias, and other culture issues. This prevents company leadership from making necessary changes, and prevents people from feeling fulfilled, recognized, and included at work.
At AllVoices, we want to change that by providing a completely safe, anonymous way for people to report issues directly to company leaders. This allows company leadership real transparency into what’s happening in their companies—and the motivation to address issues quickly. Our goal is to help create safer, more inclusive companies.
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Source: AllVoices