AllVoices Secures $9.6 Million in Series A Funding to Support Rapid Growth of Its Employee Feedback Management Platform

AllVoices, the employee feedback management platform with features such as anonymous two-way communication, a whistleblower hotline, pulse surveys, and a case management system, today announced it raised $9.6 million in an oversubscribed Series A financing. The round was led by Silverton Partners with participation by M13 Ventures and Crosscut Ventures.
AllVoices will use the funds to provide its customers, including companies like Zillow, Box, and GoPro, with more channels of communication with employees, scale its platform for leaders to resolve issues both individually and systemically, build additional automated solutions, and expand the team to meet the needs of the company’s increasingly large enterprise customers.
Company leaders using the platform today are seeing fewer blind spots within their organizations as employees feel safer to speak up about issues using AllVoices. The platform provides companies with data on where and how issues are arising and tools to address these issues at scale using best practices and automation. People leaders with data-driven resources will be best equipped to resolve issues and improve employee satisfaction.
“Today, more than ever, companies are finding it more challenging to recruit and retain talent because of shifts in the labor market,” said Claire Schmidt, CEO and founder of AllVoices. “Real-time employee feedback is critical to help companies proactively address workplace issues. When internal channels for this type of feedback are not available, employees have to take more extreme action. For example, the recent walkout of Activision Blizzard employees, the Amazon employee petition alleging discrimination and harassment, and Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation over sexual harassment claims all show what happens when companies or organizations do not provide safe and effective channels for employees to speak up.”
In fact, 74% of employees would be more likely to give feedback if they believed it was truly anonymous. That cohort jumps to 85% when reporting harassment, according to the AllVoices State of Workplace Harassment 2021 Report. Both groups cited fears of retaliation and job loss as the main reasons they would hesitate to report. The research also found that working from home does not stop workplace harassment, as nearly 40% report they still experience harassment remotely through email, video conferencing, chat apps or by phone. 
“Silverton had been doing research into the employee feedback space for some time,” said Roger Chen, Partner at Silverton Partners. “We identified AllVoices as a market leader and reached out to Claire even though they were not seeking funding at the time. We see the immense value in providing companies a way to collect and manage feedback that builds trust with their employees.” 
“There is a major gap in reporting options for employees and a lack of tools companies can use to solicit, track, and resolve employee feedback,” said Schmidt. “Our goal is to create safer, more inclusive companies and, with the support of Silverton and M13 and the continued support of Crosscut, we are excited to be able to scale our team to meet the growing demand for employee feedback management platforms like ours.”
About AllVoices
AllVoices is a leader in the employee feedback management category, providing employees with a completely safe, anonymous way to report issues directly to company leaders. With 74% of employees citing they would be more likely to report workplace issues if they knew their feedback would be completely anonymous, AllVoices empowers employees to report and companies to take action proactively. As a third-party encrypted platform, AllVoices is the next generation in employee feedback management. Based in Los Angeles, the company is backed by Silverton Partners, M13 Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, Greycroft, Halogen Ventures, Rogue Ventures, and others. For more information, visit 
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