Alligator Pool Services Announces Its Top Pool Equipment Upgrades for Fall 2021

Alligator Pool Services, a Miami-based pool services company, has announced its top pool equipment upgrades for Fall 2021. With over 35 years of experience, Alligator Pools offers trusted, and reliable pool equipment installation services, as well as swimming pool cleaning services, pool repair services, and pool resurfacings. 
Specializing in pool cleaning in Miami, the team at Alligator Pool Services suggests that with the right pool equipment upgrades, homeowners can save money and enjoy a pool with higher quality water. They recommend the following upgrades:
Energy-Efficient Pools
The easiest switch to make a pool more energy efficient is to upgrade pool pumps to a variable speed pump. Choosing the best variable speed pool pump can be a challenge, but sticking to an Energy Star-rated pool pump will ensure the pool pump meets the Department of Energy’s new pool pump regulations, and cut down the energy-consumption level. This simple pool equipment installation is quick and provides a great return on investment for owners, despite the upfront costs.
Salt Chlorinators
A salt water pool versus a chlorine pool differ in that salt water pools use salt chlorinators to create ‘natural’ chlorine by splitting it from a salt molecule. What is a salt chlorinator? A salt chlorine generator (as it is sometimes called) produces chlorine (Cl) from the salt molecule (NaCl). Chlorine is known to be harsh on a swimmer’s skin as well as a pool’s surface. Many pool owners have thus turned to salt chlorinators as a means of adding ‘natural’ chlorine to a pool’s water, reducing the non-natural chlorine requirement. 
UV Sanitation Systems
Pool UV systems such as Pentair’s BioShield®, are gaining traction with eco-conscious pool owners. UV sanitation systems kill bacteria and sterilize other microscopic organisms that escape the pool’s filter system. The UV systems also eliminate the build up of chloramine, which can be extremely dangerous to a pool. 
About Alligator Pool Services 
Since 1985, Alligator Pools has been a mainstay of South Florida pool service companies. The company services the South Miami, Pinecrest, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Coral Gables, Miami, Doral, Homestead, and Coconut Grove neighborhoods, and adds new pool service routes daily. 
Source: Alligator Pool Services