AllCart launches app to help users save up to $400 a month on groceries

AllCart – A grocery savings app.

AllCart allows users to save up to $400 a month on groceries by comparing users’ grocery list against local supermarket sales to see which supermarket will save them the most.

AllCart is an easy-to-use app that detects users’ location and shows them supermarkets nearby. AllCart allows users to easily select items from its top 100 most popular sales items or all-local sales.

Featuring easy list-sharing, AllCart lets users split their list with a partner and friends, allowing one person to go to Walmart and one to Target, for example, to maximize savings by dividing and conquering the task at hand.

AllCart is currently in beta testing nationwide for the Thanksgiving holiday, with more than 90,000 supermarkets and convenient stores. AllCart is 100% free and available on iTunes, Google Play and at

The AllCart Story
AllCart was founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, as Americans were losing their jobs and looking for ways to save. At the same time, some grocery items went up by 20%, increasing the need for quick solutions.

CEO Stash Harrison was preparing to launch SpotHop, a bar and restaurant startup allowing users to find real-time specials but Covid-related shutdowns interfered. Instead of shuttering the company, Stash repurposed the existing technology to help those suffering from the effects of pandemic, and for him to retain a staff of 15.

Launch and Funding
The company launched with seed funding from its Founder Stash Harrison and is actively seeking additional funding to grow the brand. It will continue to add features to help its users save and manage their grocery budgets. AllCart generates revenue from affiliate programs for non-grocery items.

Visit to download the app.

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