All You Need to Know About Secretarial Jobs, Admin Jobs and Office Jobs

Secretarial jobs, admin jobs and office jobs do not involve sitting behind a desk as the common perception suggests. While the office hours are usually between 8:00 or 9:00 and 17:00, there are varying tasks associated with office jobs. Filing, researching, telephone etiquette and customer service are all important in a frontline position. Secretarial jobs can range from a basic receptionist to a specialist secretary in a legal, medical or financial capacity. Generally speaking, the positions will pay more as the level of specialty increases.

When using a search engine to look for secretarial jobs, there were 991 000 at the time of research which shows that this is an industry with ample work opportunities. Throughout the world, there are always opportunities for secretaries in all industries who are efficient, hard working and meticulous. Organizational skills come to the fore as secretaries are renowned for their ability to multi-task and manage their time productively. Admin jobs involve more than just paperwork as a service role is required when dealing with the public who often have admin queries that needs to be explained and red tape formalities that need to be conveyed.

There are many varieties of office jobs from clerks to personal assistants and each has a completely different job description. Working through personnel agencies to get your ideal job is probably the best option as many secretarial jobs, office jobs and admin jobs require a specific type of candidate that the agency has been instructed to find. Enlisting the help of professionals to find your ideal office job and upgrade your CV and portfolio may be at extra cost but it could prove to be beneficial in the long run when there are many people competing for one position. There are part time, contract and permanent positions that depend on the company’s needs. If you are in need of a holiday job or are looking for something in a different environment, a temporary job could turn into a permanent career move.

Admin jobs provide a safe working environment away from the elements, but these offices can be situated in factories or noisy environments that may depend on the type of employer. Working in an office environment involves interacting with other employees unless you have a private office. Office politics can become problematic so it is always best to keep a low profile at work and remain professional at all times. Office jobs involve long periods of sitting and working in a bent over position so it is important to take regular posture breaks and keep active in order to avoid developing back pain and other ergonomic injuries.

Multitasking is also important as office jobs involve both written and verbal communication so it is important to have a professional telephone manner and the ability to use the required computer programs. The job description and advert will specify the computer skills and other attributes necessary to apply for the position. The advert for the position should be studied well as it is a waste of time and money for the employer and potential candidate to not be suitable qualified. In an interview it is possible to display the personality characteristics required, but a qualification and technical knowledge cannot be manufactured. When responding to a job classified advert with a covering letter, it is important to mention the characteristics requested in the job specification.

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