All Work and No Pay

Watch high resolution, full-length episodes for FREE exclusively at 24 The Professor tells Rassimov to do something about Dante and his group. Rassimov figures out that Sophie is paying Dante to find the Ancient Amulet, so he uses the power of the Organization to take away all SophieÕs money. When the team returns to Venice from Ireland, they find a translation of Judah LoweÕs notes from episode 3 waiting for them (the translation was done by the Huntik Foundation). They look at the notes and realize that they are about Lowe returning to the place where his people were once captive: Egypt. There, he found the Golem (actually, the Titan Metagolem), in the Lost Tomb of Neferititi. Believing this is the clue theyÕd been waiting for, Lok insists they go get on a plane right away, even though they only just got home! They get to the airport, and Sophie tries to buy tickets (since itÕs an Amulet of Will mission, not a Huntik Foundation mission, itÕs her responsibility to pay), but her bank account is empty! Dante says he canÕt stay if Sophie canÕt pay. But before he leaves, he asks Zhalia on the sly to keep an eye on Lok and Sophie as a favor. Dante leaves, and the others go to SophieÕs place to see what happened. Zhalia complains about the Òbaby-sittingÓ and fights a bit with Sophie. They meet up with LeBlanche and Santiago, and come up with a plan to raise money by getting part time jobs. Rassimov decides to test how well they do without Dante. He sends his