All Hands and Hearts Disaster Assessment Response Team on the Ground After Hurricane Ida Hits NYC/NJ

An advanced Disaster Assessment and Response Team (DART) from international disaster relief organization All Hands and Hearts (AHAH) has been deployed to the metro-New York region as Hurricane Ida devastated communities on Wednesday. A separate DART is currently in New Orleans setting up a forward operating base to help affected communities.
“Our response team is already on the ground in New Orleans where they are working to understand critical needs in the city and surrounding areas,” said Gary Pitts, Chief Operating Officer of All Hands and Hearts. “Another team is en route to quickly begin assessing the areas of New York and New Jersey to see how additional volunteers, partners and donors can be most effective in those areas, as well.”
All Hands and Hearts mission is to not only respond to immediate effects of disasters, but in the long-term commitment to helping communities sustainably rebuild. Due to frequent weather-related disasters in Louisiana, AHAH has a long history of supporting communities in the greater New Orleans area. Because AHAH has an active program in response to 2020’s Hurricane Laura, the team was quickly able to regroup and deploy resources in terms of immediate support.
“We know this situation remains fluid. We will continue to assess as each community’s needs change and become more clear,” Pitts said.
All Hands and Hearts are in contact with partners and agencies in areas affected by the path of Hurricane Ida and welcome any opportunity to work collaboratively.
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Source: All Hands and Hearts