All Hands and Hearts Deploys Ground Relief Crews for Kentucky Tornadoes Following Disaster Assessment

International disaster relief organization All Hands and Hearts (AHAH) deployed a Disaster Assessment and Response Team (DART) to Kentucky this week to assess the extent of damage caused by the tornado outbreak that affected six southern states. Following the assessment, it was gleaned that The “Quad state tornado” has been preemptively classified with an EF-4 rating with wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour. AHAH ground relief crews are deploying to Kentucky in the coming days to address the immediate resident and community needs in Mayfield, Dawson Springs and Bowling Green.
Experienced saw teams will be sent into Mayfield initially and then into Dawson Springs, once it becomes more accessible. Saw teams will first work with homeowners to help search the debris of their homes and pack any salvageable belongings left in and around homes and clear the way for heavy machinery. This will also make the area safer for homeowners, volunteers, and relief crews. 
As these initial operations begin, AHAH will continue to assess needs and continue to make connections with community leaders and partners to identify those that are most in need or underserved and then determine how AHAH can best support recovery over the longer term.
“Our Disaster Assessment & Response Team (DART) was deployed on Saturday morning and has been working tirelessly to identify how we can help affected communities recover,” said Perry Maddox, Chief Executive Officer of All Hands and Hearts. “Already, we are planning to bring in our first group of volunteers to begin addressing immediate needs, whilst our team works hand-in-hand with those affected, to support their long-term recovery needs.”
The trail of tornadoes left devastation across vast areas in Kentucky especially around Mayfield, Dawson Spring, and Bowling Green. It is estimated that about 3,000 homes have been damaged in Kentucky alone. Due to limited access throughout the affected areas, DART has determined that chainsaw crews are required to make way for larger machinery in an effort to excavate homes and maneuver through debris.
“We have met families who urgently need support and have little chance at recovering on their own,” said Maddox. “At All Hands and Hearts, we provide the ability for you to do that through your physical presence, by your donations, or ideally both.”
AHAH has a long history of supporting disaster-hit communities and is able to leverage its experience to quickly aid communities impacted by the tornadoes. The All Hands and Hearts’ mission necessitates both a quick response to natural disasters and a long-term commitment to assisting communities in rebuilding sustainably.
“We don’t go home after 30 days,” adds Maddox. “We, and our global network of volunteers, will stay for as long as we can depending on funding to help residents and their community rebuild sustainably.”
All Hands and Hearts is in contact with partners and agencies in the tornado path and welcomes any opportunity to collaborate.
To speak with Perry Maddox further, please contact us.
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