Aliso Viejo Community Association Completes Extensive Improvements and Upgrades to Community Parks

Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA)—the non-profit master homeowners association responsible for twenty-one parks and six hundred acres of landscaping in Aliso Viejo—announced today that it has completed extensive upgrades to several parks around the community.

Jason Stein, AVCA Board President stated, “We are extremely pleased to be able to provide these kinds of ongoing improvements to the Aliso Viejo Community that we serve. Throughout the year, our property manager, landscapers and employees have been working diligently to continue upgrading as well as adding new amenities to the parks that beautify Aliso Viejo.”

Some of the many improvements provided include new water bottle filler stations, new barbecues, upgraded picnic tables, court resurfacing, new shade canopies & windscreens, and new wood fiber chips in tot lots. These and various other additions have been completed at Aliso Viejo Community Park, Canyon View Park, Creekside Park, Foxborough Park, Grand Park, Hummingbird Park, Oak Park, Pinewood Park, Ridgecrest Park, Sheep Hills Park, Springdale Park, Westridge Park, and Woodfield Park, as well as other locations around Aliso Viejo. In addition, portions of the baseball facilities at Woodfield, Pinewood and Sheep Hills Parks have been updated and enhanced.

“Plans and preparations for additional upgrades in 2021 are ongoing,” Mr. Stein continues. “The AVCA Board and staff have many more enhancements in the works for the upcoming year. It is our goal as an association to consistently keep Aliso Viejo in premium condition so that our residents can continue to enjoy the many parks and amenities during every season, throughout the year.”

About AVCA
Founded in 1982, AVCA is the Master Homeowners Association for most of the City of Aliso Viejo and a small portion of the City of Laguna Hills located at Laguna Hills Drive and Moulton Parkway. Aliso Viejo Community Association’s mission is to protect, preserve and maintain the Association’s twenty-one parks and slopes in an attractive and safe manner while striving to improve the recreational experience for AVCA’s members. AVCA’s goal is to bring civic betterments and social improvements to the Association’s privately-owned parks and to provide for the preservation of the architecture and appearance of the residential communities. For more information, please visit