Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA) Beautifies Community Parks with New Landscaping

Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA)—the non-profit master homeowners association responsible for twenty-one parks and six hundred acres of landscaping in Aliso Viejo—announced today that it has recently added a large number of new trees and vegetation to the community parks and roads around Aliso Viejo.

“As the Community Association for Aliso Viejo, AVCA is dedicated to the maintenance and preservation of our beautiful parks and streetscapes,” said Jason Stein, AVCA Board President. “The planting of trees, bushes, and other landscaping features is one of the many ways we accomplish this upkeep.”

Some of the parks, and slopes that have received fresh plants include Lower Creekside Park, Laguna Hills Drive, Aliso Creek Road, & Brookline.

“Throughout the year, the Association keeps a close eye on the health of the local vegetation including the many trees that line Aliso Viejo,” continues Mr. Stein. “We also have Certified Arborists on contract to assist with inspection and maintenance. In the past two years, we have added an average of two trees per day to various AVCA maintained areas.”

About AVCA
Founded in 1982, AVCA is the Master Homeowners Association for most of the City of Aliso Viejo and a small portion of the City of Laguna Hills located at Laguna Hills Drive and Moulton Parkway. Aliso Viejo Community Association’s mission is to protect, preserve and maintain the Association’s twenty-one parks and slopes within the City of Aliso Viejo in an attractive and safe manner while striving to improve the recreational experience for AVCA’s members. AVCA’s goal is to bring civic betterments and social improvements to the Association’s privately-owned parks and to provide for the preservation of the architecture and appearance of the residential communities.