ALG Films Announces Mark Cuban as King of Caminelle – in a New Candice Cain Film That Starts Production This Month

 Mark Cuban will portray a King in the new feature film movie written and directed by seasoned movie maker Candice Cain and produced by ALG Films called “Royal Runaway”. The biggest story here is not just Mark Cuban, but newcomer Alex Day (who normally is a sports announcer), who could be considered a young Mark Cuban doppelgänger.
The movie is slated to start film production in late February through March of 2023 and should be released near the fourth quarter in theaters or directly to networks and streaming. Candice Cain has written and directed 15 feature films and is known for creating holiday classics like Deck the Heart, and The Maltese Holiday and TV series such as New Dogs, Old Tricks, and Welcome to Hope, which was just invited to submit for Emmy nominations. 
Mark Cuban and film producer JB Yowell of ALG Films have crossed paths in the world of entrepreneurship. JB Yowell reached out to Mark and pitched the idea of him portraying the King as a comedic insert into the film and he replied with, “Works for Me – Go for It.” 
The film takes place in a fictitious European country called Caminelle. King Philippe (Mark Cuban) passes away and now Prince Alex (Alex Day) is due to take over the Monarch. However, he does not want to be a King. So he flees to America and lands in New York, specifically in Baiting Hollow Long Island, where he applies to be a handyman at a winery vineyard. There he meets Faith (Ashley Brinkman), who falls in love with the Prince, not knowing he is royalty. There are many plot twists and turns that ends-up being a funny, romantic movie that is sure to kick off this holiday season with a warm smile, plus Mark’s portrayal will be unforgettable!
Candice Cain when it was suggested that Mark Cuban portrays the King replied, “I’d say that Mark Cuban is considered a bit of American royalty, so it’s really fun to have him playing King Philippe in my latest Holiday Film.” 
The film includes Eliza Roberts (Animal House, Eric Robert’s Wife) who plays the Queen, Naomi Matsuda (The Bold and the Beautiful), along with actors Mario Silva (Holiday In The Hamptons) and Faysal Shafaat (Big Brother contestant and athlete) as the royal guards who add just the right amount of “action energy” that will make this movie one not to miss this upcoming holiday season! 
If you would like an inclusive interview with director Candice Cain or for more details, please email Jill Howell or call 888-387-1376. 
Source: ALG Films