AlertNest Traffic and Unique Users Achieve Exponential Growth as New Year Approaches

AlertNest, Inc., ( the go-to neighborhood social app for the United States, is now experiencing “exponential growth in unique monthly visitors and page views,” according to Debbie Bingham, the company’s Head of Sales and Marketing.
“We’ve eclipsed over 200,000+ unique visitors this month, with over 1 million page views,” Bingham said. “Visitor growth increased 238% and page views were up 200% from November to December. Our rapid growth is due in part to our relevant, credible content and our easy-to-use omni-channel platform. AlertNest provides updated information on crime alerts, COVID-19 cases, events, E911, weather and more. Visitors need only to search their address to view results instantly. We are on track for continued exponential growth into the new year and beyond.”
The recent addition of a ticketing service to live and virtual, local and national events such as sports, concerts and festivals enhances the AlertNest platform, which has been developing steadily over the past six months despite the difficulties of growing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
AlertNest also announced an essential e911 service this year that automatically contacts 911 with a single, discreet click on iOS and Android devices. “The e911 service provides a significant expansion of our user experience, which also includes notifications about crime, weather, and emergency alerts from FEMA, CDC and other organizations,” according to AlertNest CEO Becky Wanta. “We’re gratified to see all of our team’s work has created an interest throughout the United States in what we offer.”
According to Wanta, “Today, people must visit multiple sources to find out what’s happening in real time around them and their communities and must sift through all the noise from these sources to find what’s important to them. AlertNest eliminates that noise, as we become the go-to app for users as they live their lives.”
AlertNest Inc. ( is a nationwide omni-channel web and mobile app company focused on neighborhood and community safety, providing current information on crime, activities and events, and breaking news developments. AlertNest Inc. began operations in May 2019 as a website service and successfully launched its mobile apps in November 2019.
Contact: Debbie Bingham, AlertNest Inc.,
Source: AlertNest, Inc.