Al Dawaa Pharmacies Goes Digital: Serving Customers Online Through Mobile and Web

Saudi Arabian retail pharmacy giant Al Daawa Pharmacies initiates digital operations, serving customers across the region. The pharmacy incorporates digital presence having functional frontiers on web and mobile. Al Dawaa presents an easy-to-use, multi-functional, and engaging mobile app with a top-of-the-line user interface and functionalities which offer a rewarding customer experience.
Al Dawaa Pharmacies started in the region in 1994, establishing a single branch in the country. To date, the retail pharmacy giant operates with more than 800 branches across the country. It is a pharmacy which holds ISO 9001 Certification in Saudi Arabia since 2006. It also holds patient safety certification since 2018.
The pharmacy employs top-notch business practices and highly technological tools. Since 2013, Al Dawaa Pharmacies has integrated SAP Technologies into automated resource planning, business process automation, and other automation tools.
With respect to patient health and customer satisfaction, Al Dawaa Pharmacies employ specialist pharmacists and trained consultants who offer guidance, consultation, and advice to visiting customers. On top of that, the pharmacy also offers a free of cost weight monitoring facility, blood sugar levels monitoring, and blood pressure tracking facilities. Besides, it also brings vaccine services, such as influenza viruses, as a paid service at the pharmacies.
For healthy adults and those interested in exercise regimes, the pharmacies also provide complete body analysis. As a prime customer service staple, Al Dawaa offers bodyweight management services, such as B.M.I., fat percentage, muscle mass percentage calculations.
The pharmacy’s state-of-the-art service model has revamped its digital model, serving a new segment of more digitally proficient customers. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the public must take precautionary measures by observing social distancing protocols and quarantine measures. The safety protocols employed during the pandemic bars physical contact, at least six feet of social distance, and limited social activities. Therefore, the public is more vigilant about online shopping and avoiding exposure in public.
Realizing this factor, Al Dawaa has infused its business practice with the highest merit of digital transformation, reaching a wider pool of customers who prefer purchasing their prescription medicines and other medical products online.
The pharmacy continues to leverage the digital model by increasing its presence on digital avenues. The company has a fully functional website, an iOS and Android app, with customer orders being entertained since 2019.
Media Contact:
Ahmed Nabil Rady
Source: Al Dawaa Pharmacies