Akyumen is Set to Make Gary, Indiana the Center of 5G Smartphone Production

Gary, Indiana is set to become the center of 5G smartphone production as Aasim Saied announces partnership with Mayor Jerome to build Akyumen’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in the city.
The partnership was announced on Oct. 27 and is a significant step forward for Mayor Jerome’s project “Reimagining Gary.” Billionaire Aasim Saied’s Akyumen Industries will build its headquarters on Chase Street and the same location will serve as the manufacturing site. The construction of the headquarters is expected to begin soon and the plant will become fully operational within two years. The Genesis Centre will serve as the pre-production site for Akyumen’s 5G smartphones. The fruitful partnership will generate over 2000 jobs within a short span of 3 to 5 years.
“I thank you all. I’m looking forward to the future with all of you. I invite the people of Gary, I invite the people of the state of Indiana and I invite the entire United States of America to participate here.” – Aasim Saied, CEO Akyumen Industries.
Akyumen’s 5G smartphones feature nanotechnology for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Fabrication, which allows it to achieve maximum capacity. Phone-jector is another feature that makes the smartphone stand out. It is a 60-lumen projector that turns the phone into a handheld mini-theater. The 5G smartphone also has a built-in crypto wallet, powerful battery, hi-res camera, 100% encrypted data storage and other advanced features.
To learn more about Akyumen’s partnership with Gary and the 5G capable smartphones, visit Akyumen Industries’ website.
Aasim Saied, Founder and CEO, Akyumen Industries.
Website: www.akyumen.com
Source: Akyumen Industries