Akupara Games’ Game Jam Sprouts 3 Unique Prototypes Available Now

Akupara Games is thrilled to announce the release of three titles as a result of Akupara Jams – their team-building game jam. Like many others, the company is seeking to engage their employees during the hardships of lockdown, and so, to forge relationships and raise team spirits, this exercise provided a noticeably positive impact on the team to jumpstart the new year.
Watch the Game Jam Trailer here: https://youtu.be/EJ9MkmZzluM
“I loved doing the game jam because they really pushed me (I actually did two of the projects). The short turnaround and high pressure really sharpens up my working fast muscles and that carries over to my normal work afterward. They also encourage people to work outside their normal boundaries.” – Cat Arthur, Senior Composer 
Each participant had 15 hours over two weeks to assist in developing a playable prototype before presenting their results to their fellow teammates at the end-of-year company meeting. Each discipline also had the opportunity to stretch their creative horizons by taking on any role outside their focus. The resulting games: fantasy management sim Tavern Keeper, vaporwave platformer with integrated FMVs Brain Frame, and first-person horror Playmaze Panic were all met internally with collective excitement and praise. 
Players can send brave adventurers on grand quests to share in the rewards, overcome progress-hindering glitches as they enjoy parodies of 90s FMVs, or try to escape the clutches of a terrifying hamburger monster while lost in a 90s fast-food play maze. Each game has a truly unique and fun experience to offer. 
You can find all three games featured on Game Jolt and itch.io, available to download completely free. Akupara Jams welcomes everyone to give the games a try and enjoy the work of our team’s passionate members.
Download The Games Here:
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Akupara Games is an indie game studio based in Los Angeles, California. Composed of games industry veterans, Akupara Games focuses their energy and resources as an “indie for indies” studio by providing premier support to other indie studios through development, publishing, porting, and advising. Their mission statement ensures that each project receives a unique experience and personalized support. 
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