Akiliflow launches culturally-centered life and executive coaching for Black women

From the Swahili word for “the mind” paired with “flow”, describing a stream of consciousness and gradual change, Akiliflow focuses on using proven coaching techniques combined with meditation and Kemetic yoga to offer a new way for overburdened women to tackle their work and their lives.

“I developed Akiliflow to help those women whose lives end up getting in the way of their goals. They’re stretched too thin and pulled in every direction”, says Demetrius Irick, Founder, Akiliflow. “I want to show them that peace is possible; they can slow their minds and live in balance.”

Goal achievement, sparked by a peaceful and balanced life, is the primary objective of the Akiliflow coaching system. The success seen with pre-launch clients is not only encouraging, but proof that this approach works to help women live their best lives. “God gave you an incredible gift to develop the talent of those around you”, says former client Gabrielle S. about the Akiliflow team. “You embodied the ability to bring my individual talents into order for my success.”

Wondering if Akiliflow is right for you? Do you…
· Work or live in a high-stress environment?
· Find yourself always having to sacrifice and commit?
· Find it hard or impossible to balance family, friends and career?
· Want to consistently set and achieve goals.
· Want to minimize stress and develop healthy ways to attack stressful days.
· Want to stop procrastinating and remove self-imposed limitations?

It all starts with an Akiliflow initial consultation, called a Breakthrough Session. This free discussion is designed around a series of questions to help women reach the first step, issue definition.

“The Breakthrough Session is the foundation. This is where we get crystal clear on her goals and what’s preventing her from reaching them”, says Mr. Irick. “In this short session, she must take a pause and honestly, be selfish. She gets to work on herself instead of working for everyone else. This is just the beginning of her journey to peace, balance and goal achievement”.

This unique coaching service is available today. For more information and to schedule a Breakthrough Session, visit Akiliflow.com. To join their free Facebook group, visit Akiliflow.com/Group.

About Akiliflow: Akiliflow provides culturally-centered coaching and courses with tools designed to help you tackle your work and your life.