AirSprint Releases White Paper on What to Expect From a Career in Business Aviation and Why Now is the Perfect Time to Get Started

AirSprint Inc., the Canadian authority in Fractional Jet Ownership, has published a new white paper examining business aviation’s future and key considerations when exploring a pilot career with this alternative to commercial aviation. ‘Your Future In Private Aviation: What to expect from a career in business aviation and why now is the perfect time to get started’ provides information, career case studies and salary ranges to help educate future pilots about the world of private aviation.
With the plethora of bad news stories from the commercial aviation sector, seeds of doubt have been planted for pilots and travellers alike. If there’s one thing industry experts agree upon, it’s that aviation is a cyclical business. Its highs and lows have been tied to significant world events throughout history, and it has suffered or prospered accordingly. And as commercial aviation plans its eventual recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, private aviation is already filling the void.
“Currently, we have a tale of two stories. On the one hand, airlines have become less appealing as people look for safer travel alternatives due to COVID-19,” said James Elian, President & CEO of AirSprint. “On the other, airlines have contracted, decreasing frequency and cutting routes – essentially driving people to investigate private aviation.”
For those considering a career as a pilot or other aviation professional, the outlook is bright for private aviation. The sector offers stable employment, steady advancement, and diverse flying experiences. “Job security is remarkable at AirSprint. I’ve been through the slowdown of the late 2000s, and now COVID. Job security is not on my mind, and that is exclusive to this company,” said David Brickell, Embraer Praetor 500/Legacy 450 Captain with AirSprint.
Without doubt, aviation is a cyclical business, and the next upswing is already underway – led by private aviation. It’s a good time to get on board.
About AirSprint
AirSprint Private Aviation is a privately held company with offices in Toronto, Montréal and Calgary. AirSprint maintains the largest fractional fleet of private aircraft in Canada, a jet collection of Embraer Praetor 500s, Embraer Legacy 450s, Cessna Citations CJ3+ and Cessna Citations CJ2+. AirSprint proudly flies Canadians from coast-to-coast including service from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal and the Maritimes. AirSprint provides discerning Canadians with a better choice for optimizing their time by enhancing the private jet ownership experience with industry leading safety standards, exceptional turn-key service and increased flexibility; everything personalized for the Owners’ individual travel needs. All at a fraction of the cost.
Scott Wenz
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
AirSprint Inc.
Source: AirSprint Inc.