Aimpoint Digital to Drive Value With Optimization Through Gurobi Version 10’s New Features

Gurobi Optimization, the leader in decision intelligence technology, recently announced the release of version 10 of their popular mathematical optimization product, Gurobi optimizer. The release of Gurobi Optimizer version 10 contains significant features that will further empower Aimpoint Digital, an analytics firm dedicated to reshaping organizations with data, to harness the power of mathematical optimization and prescriptive analytics to unlock value for its clients. 
In particular, customers will be able to experience the convenience of the new gurobipy-pandas wrapper for building optimization models from pandas data. This open-source project makes it easy and efficient for pandas users to build mathematical models from data stored in DataFrames and Series, and to read solutions back directly as pandas objects.
“The release of a pandas API and native MLflow API is a game changer,” said Yash Puranik, Principal Data Scientist at Aimpoint Digital, a Gurobi partner that helps clients solve complex business problems like production scheduling, employee rostering, inventory optimization, and demand allocation in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, and related industries.
“Many of our clients require comprehensive models that combine the power of machine learning/forecasting methods with optimization for applications such as inventory management and supply chain optimization,” he explained. “Natively integrating Gurobi with the data processing power of Python/pandas and machine learning model-based predictions helps us develop more efficient and robust solutions for our clients.”
Aimpoint Digital comprises top-notch data scientists and operations research experts who are adept at solving challenging problems such as production scheduling, employee rostering, inventory optimization, and demand allocation in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, and related industries. By combining their expertise in data analysis, machine learning, and optimization, Aimpoint Digital delivers solutions that consistently provide reliable decision support for decision-makers. 
“In addition to this new model-building feature, Gurobi 10.0 includes the ability to solve even more real-world business problems, even faster and easier than before. We are excited to see how the latest release of the Gurobi Optimizer improves our partner’s deployment frameworks and their customer’s models,” stated David O’keefe, Ecosystem Director at Gurobi.
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About Aimpoint Digital: Aimpoint Digital is an analytics firm that uses data to solve its clients’ most complex use-cases, drive effectiveness across value chain operations, and reshape customer experiences. From the integration of self-service analytics to implementing AI at scale and modernizing infrastructure environments, they operate across transformative domains to improve the performance of organizations. Learn more at 
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