Aidan Gray Announces Labor Day Sale on Keaton Industries Products

Aidan Gray, a luxury furniture manufacturer and leader in the home furnishings industry, has announced the availability and Labor Day Sale of the entire Keaton Industries line. Designed by renowned actress Diane Keaton, the collection of ceiling lights includes bold black-and-white patterned shades with clean profiles, each with striking design elements. The entire collection is fully stocked and ready to be shipped to customers across the country. 
The varied patterns and options available in the collection are what truly differentiates the most recent Keaton Industries line from the rest of the competition. This level of versatility gives homeowners the ability to dictate the mood in each room, as every light brings a chameleon-like freshness to its respective environment.
“This collection gives customers the ability to create distinct atmospheres that meet their individual needs and desires,” said Tricia N. Smith, Director of Sales at Aidan Gray. “Crafting moods through custom lighting is what makes the selection process both enjoyable and empowering.” 
As an actress who has succeeded in a variety of multifaceted roles throughout her storied career, Keaton emphasized the importance of customers valuing self-expression when channeling their inner designer.  
“Everyone has a bit of a designer in them. Go with your impulses and express what you love,” said Keaton. 
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Diane Keaton is an Oscar-winning actress, director, and author. Recognized for her architectural sensitivity and restorations, her design aesthetic has been celebrated in several books.
Founded in 2003, Aidan Gray is a leader in the home furnishings industry, especially the segment of European-inspired lighting and interior furnishings. Aidan Gray, founded by Randal Weeks to express his point of view in the world of Home Decor, is coming upon our 20th year in business. Through this time, we have weathered a myriad of storms together and faced some crazy design trends. This has all been done through the support and generosity of our customers. It has always been our goal to deliver products that are high quality at a good value. Most of all, even with modern trends, we will want our products to reflect back to found objects, ever so slightly off and not new!
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