AI Medical Answers Growing Critical Healthcare Demand With Industry-Leading 12-Hour Support

Since the COVID-19 outbreak and the development of vaccines to combat it, the news has been nonstop about how medical facilities are now being entrusted with, and sometimes compromising, doses they are newly being required to store and administer. There have been numerous incidents where freezers have failed or immunizations have been compromised and the reliability of the equipment storing these vaccines and the people operating them has been brought into question so, in response, AI Medical will offer 12-hour extended support to stand by healthcare workers relying on its equipment for their life-saving efforts. 
In a recent incident in a hospital in Mendocino County, California, a freezer storing Moderna’s temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccine broke down. The staff relying on that freezer for vaccine storage did not find out until the following morning. The freezer’s alarm the staff relied on to alert them of any temperature malfunction failed to do just that. This situation created panic among the hospital staff. They tried to connect with the freezer and vaccine manufacturer, but there was no reply.
Why Extended Hours of Support Service Matter for the Medical Industry 
Critical situations like these where there is a matter of life and death need immediate support. The unexpected freezer breakdown resulted in a critical situation and would have wasted a life-saving vaccine if the authorities hadn’t mobilized the staff immediately to administer it to as many people as possible.  
The reliability and robustness of the medical products themselves and the support structure of the manufacturer that stands behind them play a vital part in this respect. Hence, companies that provide extended hours of support to their customers can save them from heavy and serious losses, especially in emergency situations.  
Guaranteed 12-Hour Support Service from AI Medical, the Healthcare Division of Across International  
Equipment purchased from AI Medical comes with guaranteed 12-hour support services to back it from the company’s New Jersey and Nevada locations. Emergency on-call service is also available. Whether as urgent as a freezer not working or as simple as a question with programming, AI Medical’s customer service is always available to help, whether an emergency or, often, an easy fix. AI Medical’s expert support replies to any questions and concerns immediately via phone. If the situation calls for a prompt visit by Across International technicians, the company will schedule it as soon as possible.  
AI Medical deep freezers and refrigerators pass through various quality tests, assuring top-notch operation before the products make it to vaccine storage and distribution facilities all over the world. If any issue is encountered with AI Medical deep freezers, there is nothing to worry about. AI Medical backs all products with a 12-hour support service and offers temperature data loggers with text and email alerts to give healthcare workers complete peace of mind and confidence in these trying times that the industry is enduring.  
Trusted, knowledgeable, and experienced partners are crucial to taking care of the healthcare infrastructure communities rely on in any time of need, especially as the demand for aid in the COVID-19 immunization effort is on the rise. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals on the front line can rely on AI Medical’s expertise whenever facing any issue with AI Medical products or equipment to avoid situations like what was seen in Mendocino County and elsewhere during this vaccination effort. With reliable support, healthcare workers can dedicate time to the most important aspects of fighting this pandemic. AI Medical understands the values of these vital healthcare professionals and adopts the best customer service practices to deliver a timely and exceptional response. This ensures that any emergency, such as those we are faced with amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, is addressed with prompt corrective action, saving time, money, and the temperature-sensitive specimens and vaccines patients and communities rely on.  
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