AHRO International Cancer Symposium Launched

The Africa Health Research Organization (UK) has launched its forthcoming event: “AHRO International Cancer Symposium” which takes place at the Glasgow Caledonian University on 30-31 July, 2018 under the theme: “Advancing novel research for prevention and control of cancer”. In a statement read on his behalf, the CEO of the organization, Professor Yaro stated that the meeting main objectives of the meeting are to gather oncologists, pathologists, allied health workers, nurses, and stakeholders from the developed countries to brainstorm through some of the recent research-data with their counterparts from the developing countries as well as providing the platform for developing networking between the delegates. With cancer raging through global public health, the meeting will attempt to draw-up strategies which will be distributed to all stakeholders around the globe. The meeting will discuss topics like cancer epidemiology and genomics, molecular and cellular oncology, novel imaging techniques in cancer research, oncology and nutrition, cancer therapeutics, biomarkers and liquid biopsy, cancer informatics, comorbidities in cancer, cancer management and palliative care.

The Media houses are encouraged to take part in the meeting. Request for participation should be sent to: editor@atmph.org

Africa Health Research Organization is a non-profit making institution whose mission is promoting the reduction of diseases burden and human suffering in Africa and beyond through carrying evidence-based research, clinical trials, publications, events/trainings, and community interventions. The Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health is our official publication. As part of its cancer program, the organization has also commenced the AHRO Cancer Center of Clinical Excellence in Cancer Research and Care in Accra Ghana where it provides some novel cancer care and exciting research towards cancer prevention and control.