Agency Vista Lists the Top Digital Marketing Agencies of July 2021

There was a significant shift in the way people consumed information over the past year; for example, in Q2 of 2020, there was a 31.7% year-over-year rise in the number of app downloads. The more people interact with these technologies and enjoy the experience, the more likely this tech becomes a regular part of their lives — pandemic or no pandemic. With more consumers online than ever before, the competition online is at a new all-time high — businesses have been left scrambling to boost their online presence. Working with a vetted digital marketing agency can help scale businesses’ digital growth goals more efficiently and at scale.
Agency Vista’s approach connects brands with agencies in a data-driven way that offers businesses precise matching with the most qualified agencies for their specific requirements and budget. Part of their validation process requires Agency Vista members to connect their social media accounts, onboard and verify clients, and invite team members. Once the agency’s information has been verified, they will receive access to the Agency Vista badge on their account.
The ranked agencies have been researched, compiled, and verified to help businesses scale their digital marketing efforts. These include but are not limited to:
The Top 20 Digital Marketing Agencies of July 2021 are:
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Source: Agency Vista