“Agel” – Natural wellness products on Suspension Gel Technology™ – USA – UK

www.ageldistribuidorbrasil.com Agel “Preferred Customer” Program Step-by-Step We recommend you watch to these video in Full Screen And click on “Pause” button for better understanding of “Step by Step” This video was created to give you step by step instructions on how to subscribe to Agel as a “Preferred Customer”. Here are the easy steps to join the Agel Preferred Customer Program to buy the products that you need with the following goals -Buy products to resell; -Buy products for you and your family; -Work as an “Independent Distributor”; Is no minimum order quantities and maximum order limitations and the company will send the products to your shipping address. Sale only allowed in the countries where Agel is operating. Just compare, look and decide the best product for you and your family! There are two ways to sign up as a “Preferred Customer”: 1st. Option: You can contact an “Independent Distributor” of Agel who will formalize your request through the company’s website. 2nd. Option: You can order the products online through Agel´s official website with more comfort, convenience and freedom. Enter site: www.agel.com – Click on “Member Log in” -Click on “Purchase Products here” -Write in the blank space, the number (Sponsor ID) of the person you spoke with about Agel. -Click on the country you have selected for your shipping address; (only countries where Agel is already operating) -Enter the quantity for each product you wish to purchase; -Fill out your personal

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