After a Year of Consolidation, TSplus Tackles the Challenges for 2023

2022 was the year of decline and budget cuts for many big actors of the IT market. Starting with Google, Amazon and Twitter, as well as TSplus main competitor Citrix, have resorted to mass layoffs in order to keep the ship afloat. In the meantime, TSplus opened two new offices, recruited several local sales and support people, increased every employee’s salary, published a brand-new website and expanded its products range.
TSplus, A Global Startup with High Ambitions
Dominique Benoit, founder and president of TSplus, opened the two-day meeting with a quote from Norman Vincent Peale: “Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Stars”. 
This summarizes well the spirit of the company since its creation in 2005. The reciprocal trust and the willingness to aim always higher is what creates the sense of belonging and the success of the software developer. With such a mindset, TSplus’ potential for growth is infinite. Moreover, it is supported by a global and well-managed international development that ensures stability of revenues and renewed opportunities.  
With the foundation in 2022 of local entities in Central Europe (Prague, Czech Republic) and India, and a wide network of resellers spread all over the World, TSplus has a strong international presence. In each of the eleven regions of the World where TSplus operates, a long-time partner has been appointed as Director to lead the local business development, sales and marketing strategy as well as the technical support adapted to the market.  
With these strong foundations, and the help of the brilliant Development, Marketing and International Support teams, TSplus is ready to reach out new markets in 2023. In terms of territories, TSplus sees a high potential for growth in the Eastern Asia markets: China, Japan and South Korea are all equally attractive and may be added to TSplus’ World Map this year.   
TSplus continues to inject revenue back into the company, which allows the Development team to constantly develop new features and products. The feedback from customers raised by the Support team is also a great resource to improve and perfectionate both software and services. In 2022, the main innovation was the new version of Remote Support, the alternative to TeamViewer for screen sharing and remote PC control. Based on customer comments and requests, version 3 offers a completely new product: zero installation, new interface, new connection process, new features… In 2023, the goal of TSplus is to conquer a new category of customers by making Remote Support available for Android and MacOS.  
Next to Remote Support, the major topics for development in 2022 were the following: 
In the background, the TSplus Marketing team is working on all fields to ensure product visibility, appropriate and effective communication and an increasing conversion rate. The website has been fully redesigned and optimized for better navigation and higher ranking on Google. Partners now have their own dedicated page and space, with access to numerous marketing materials to support their sales.  
To be continued in 2023….  
To download any of TSplus software, visit the website.
Source: TSplus Corp