Aflac: How Life Insurance Can Benefit Different Age Groups

Aflac: A life insurance policy can benefit a shopper in different ways depending on their age group. As an example, a policy can help young adults keep their families financially secure. Seniors with life insurance can help minimize funeral costs that their surviving family might have to pay.  
Different types of life insurance can be more beneficial for one age group compared to another. Understanding the benefits and which type is best can help with deciding on the best option to choose. 
How life insurance benefits young adults 
Getting a life insurance policy as a young adult can help keep future expenses low. A life insurance policy’s premium is lower for younger people. According to Forbes1, the average annual cost for a 20-year $100,000 term life policy for a 30-year-old female is $108. If a young female adult were to wait to get that same policy at age 50, the average annual cost would be $228.  
Another benefit to getting life insurance young is it can lessen the financial burden for one’s family. If a young person’s parents or relatives were co-signers on any form of debt they have, the policy could help cover it. Additionally, if a young adult has a spouse or children who rely on their income, life insurance can provide future financial protection in the event of their passing. 
How life insurance benefits middle-aged adults 
A middle-aged adult usually has debt, older children, and elderly parents to prioritize when it comes to their finances. Life insurance can be beneficial in each of these cases. A policy can help with covering any remaining student loans, credit card debt, car payments, or mortgage. For middle-aged adults with older children about to enter college, life insurance can help with covering their tuition. Lastly, a policy can help continue covering the daily living expenses of elderly parents. While life insurance premiums at this age will be slightly higher, they will still be more affordable than if one waited until they were a senior. 
How life insurance benefits seniors 
The financial concerns seniors have often revolved around their end-of-life expenses. The benefit of life insurance for seniors is that it can cover their final medical expenses and funeral costs. It can also help with covering any other remaining debt they may have. Some seniors may also be raising second families or have spouses that are still living. The policy benefit can provide financial protection for family members who are still financially dependent on them. 
Types of life insurance each age group can consider 
Young adults typically have fewer finances saved up compared to middle-aged adults and seniors. For younger adults, term life insurance is an ideal option, given that it’s more affordable. They can lock in a low premium for 10 or 20 years and save money in the long run. Middle age adults can choose to do the same, or if they have more wealth, consider a whole life insurance policy. While these policies are more costly, they feature a cash value component that can accrue interest over time. Final expense insurance, which is a whole life policy, is ideal for seniors, as it’s designed to cover medical bills and funeral expenses. Life insurance shoppers should be sure to consider their age and life circumstances before deciding on a specific policy. 
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