Afinoz Announces ‘SuperWomen Week 2019’ Award Winners

Afinoz Digitalizing Finance, an online marketplace for all of life’s personal finance decisions, announced the winners of SuperWomen Week 2019 (8th to 15th March). In its SuperWomen Week contest, Afinoz asks women across the country to share their views (video or text) about the woman who inspires them most. A large number of women participated in the contest and shared their views and experience about the women they respect most.

Below is a list of select winners from @Afinoz’s 2019 Superwomen Week contest.
Afinoz’s Top 3 Winners for 2019 are:
First winner is: Sapna Udaywal
Second winner is: Sunita Katyal
Third winner is: Suruchi Mehta

Winners are awarded cash prizes along with certificates and appreciation letters.

“I am thrilled to congratulate the winners of Afinoz’s 2019 Superwomen Week Contest, and we’re very fortunate to have extremely talented women on our platform and in the country”, said Rachna Suneja, co-founder and chief executive officer at Afinoz. Today women are not behind men by any stretch of imagination and are neck and neck with men.

Sunita Katyal, the 2nd prize winner of the Super women week contest said, “I got to know about Afinoz via social media page during women’s day contest and I followed their guidelines and made video about mother and finally won second prize among so many winners. I was able to share my thoughts about my mother and lastly thanks for their wonderful gratification.”

About Afinoz
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