Affordable Care Act Reopens Again, Allowing Americans to Get Health Insurance Plans From the Marketplace

Millions of people lost their job due to the pandemic, and with that, they lost their health insurance. While they can turn to COBRA insurance, many cannot afford the high cost. In light of this, the Affordable Care Act Marketplace has opened again, allowing people access to health insurance plans. National Insurance Direct is helping as many people as it can to find the most affordable health insurance plan for themselves and their families.
“We know how frustrating it can be to try and get rates and understand what is being offered in the policies,” explains Louie Bynum, the chief executive officer of National Insurance Direct. “That’s why our experienced agents are helping as many people as possible by answering questions and finding them the most affordable health insurance rates.”
Rather than go without health insurance, National Insurance Direct helps people find the cheapest rates. It has a team of well-experienced agents who work through the process to provide people with affordable health care options to choose from. Unlike the Marketplace, it offers open enrollment and access to new plans all year long.
President Biden has opened the Marketplace, which is the website for the Affordable Care Act, providing people with access to insurance plans. The Marketplace will be open for three months for open enrollment. Many people find the process of using the system to be irritating and confusing, which is something that National Insurance Direct helps to eliminate. It will do the work for people, helping them to compare plans, policies, and rates. 
“Millions of people have had to choose between COBRA, which is very expensive, or to go without health insurance,” added Bynum. “We help people find better options than these. In fact, we provide them with an array of health care coverage options to choose from, so they have choices and feel good about what they choose.”
In addition to helping people find the best rates, National Insurance Direct helps people understand the policies. Its experienced agents will take the time to answer all questions, help people compare policies, and lead them through alternative health insurance plan options. With over 100 years of combined service in the field, the agents can help every step of the way. To get a free quote, visit the website at or call 855-503-0608.
About National Insurance Direct
National Insurance Direct, based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, helps consumers obtain the health insurance they need at premiums they can afford. With over 100 years of combined experience, its team of licensed insurance agents help evaluate one’s needs and find premiums they can afford. The company’s mission is to help make obtaining health insurance simple and easy to understand. For more information, visit the company site at:
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