Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. Launches Coastal Clean-Up Campaign, Donates Supplies to Save Local Animals

An Orange County company that formed in response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 is now leveraging their unique foam technology to assist in local oil spill clean-up efforts. Advanced Innovative Recovery Technologies, Inc. (AIRTech) began outreach today to local, state and federal agencies to offer donated supplies to clean affected animals, as well as to offer demonstrations of how their products have been successfully employed in numerous clean-up efforts across the country.
AIRTech manufactures EPA, and California Fish & Wildlife Approved, non-toxic foam that soaks up 14 times its own weight in oil. These foam towels are perfect for removing oil from oiled animals and birds. 
“This is a safe way to clean oil off the animals, rather than subjecting them to soaps that strip them of their natural oils and prolong their safe return to the wild,” said Blake Ward, Chairman of the Board and founder of AIRTech. “Current clean-up efforts including the use of paper towels and dish soap are archaic and ineffective. We hope to get our foam pads, towels, sponges and degreasers in action cleaning up birds, wildlife and beaches as soon as possible.”
Captured materials can be wrung out of the foam, and contained, allowing for the re-use of both the oil and the foam pads, towels, booms, or sponges.  This also eliminates the need to deal with hazardous waste.
AIRTech also manufactures the only USDA Certified 100% Bio-Content cleaner/degreaser there is. These two materials were designed to work great together and are far superior methods for cleaning up oiled wildlife. The company, which has created custom projects for cleanups in various industries and for companies including Disney, demonstrated the clean-up ability of their booms in Los Alamitos Bay and the Los Cerritos Wetlands.
“We need to clean up this mess quickly and efficiently, not with one paper towel at a time, ” Ward said. “Current spill response techniques actually make more of a mess – we hope to see our technology employed rapidly to start helping the birds, wildlife and beaches in Orange County.”
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