Advanced Dispatch Software Elite EXTRA Routes and Dispatches Its 125 Millionth Route

Over 125 million routes have been dispatched by advanced delivery management software Elite EXTRA in the decade-plus since its inception, according to the company’s President and Founder Jim Ward. While the routes encompass a 12-year span, the reach last year was especially great, with deliveries growing by over 20 percent in 2020 alone. 
Further, each route, depending on the product or service being routed, could be delivering dozens of items to homes and businesses on a given day, a critical component in keeping the growing global supply chain moving. As such, the amount of items delivered on each route is part of the staggering statistic that indicates that over 15 billion deliveries are made every year globally. 
Elite EXTRA is built to route people, products and services, with a specialty in last-mile logistics. It is now in every state in the U.S. and in numerous countries across the globe. According to Ward, making each route efficient is extremely important in keeping costs down for clients as fewer routes translate directly into lower costs.
“Route optimization is key to not only reducing fuel and maintenance costs but in getting the product or service to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Ward. “We’ve had clients who have indicated that they’ve reduced their costs by as much as 35 percent through employing the software.”
For example, Elite EXTRA client Mike Lamb, Executive VP and COO at Mayer Electric Supply, said route optimization and other features of the software have been integral to increasing efficiencies while decreasing costs.
“Elite EXTRA delivers an all-in-one solution that provides us with optimized routes, real-time ETAs for our customers, precise visibility of our drivers, signature capture for POD, the means to add pickups to a driver’s manifest while enroute, and the ability to take photos out in the field and attach them to orders,” said Lamb. “In short, Elite EXTRA is helping us increase our efficiency while delivering even better service to our customers.”
Optimized routes also play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint as a result of fewer emissions. According to a 2017 Lund and British Columbia University study, reducing a fleet by just one vehicle can save 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
About Elite EXTRA
Elite EXTRA, a product of Applied Data Consultants, is an advanced dispatch management tool that provides cutting-edge dispatch, routing and tracking services globally. With over 25 years of innovation, experience, and a large base of customers who trust us as partners to power their deliveries and service technicians, the software allows clients to create optimized routes quickly, dispatch to their drivers, and track them all in real-time. For more information, visit 
Source: Elite EXTRA