Advance America’s Updated Website Offers Faster, Easier Navigation

Borrowers can now enjoy new features on Advance America’s updated website, with new financial education tools and faster, easier navigation.
In response to customers’ changing needs and increased demand for online financial services, the latest update gives borrowers access to the tools they need to make finding a loan easier.
Transparency and knowledge
Advance America’s updated website now offers a wide range of content and calculators related to online loans, money management, credit tips, and more so that customers can gain more knowledge and transparency regarding various financial topics. The website provides accurate, relevant, and easy-to-understand information about these topics to maintain customer satisfaction and help borrowers make informed decisions about loans. highlights several of the company’s 100,000 plus 5-star reviews across Trustpilot and Google.
Budgeting tips and financial education tools
Advance America equips consumers with money saving tips and financial education tools. With a variety of budgeting articles and infographics, website visitors can learn how to create an emergency fund, easy ways to save money, and more.
The loan rates & terms section of also allows borrowers to view how much they can borrow for different types of loans based on their state. They can adjust the loan amount, pay cycle, loan term, and payment method to see the estimated payments, finance charges, and APR. The loans available on the rates & terms page vary depending on what state the borrower is located in and may include cash advances, installment loans, title loans, and lines of credit.
Speed and convenience visitors experience speed and convenience through even faster online personal loan experiences and online features. Website visitors can easily navigate to see available loans in their state, rates & terms, store locations, and FAQs using the site menu. When looking for loan options, the “loans” page gives a quick description of the loans offered in the borrower’s state of residence.
On each individual loan page, customers can view the maximum loan amount their state offers, as well as how the loan works, rates & terms, and what they’ll need to apply. Borrowers can easily fill out an application online by clicking the “Apply Now” button.
Returning customers can view their account details by selecting “Login” when visiting the website. Advance America customer service is available through interactive chat and other ways highlighted on the customer service page featured under “Contact Us.”
Visit Advance America today
Advance America’s goal is to help each and every customer navigate their personal finances and achieve their version of financial stability. The website is a tool in that journey.
These are just a few of the many benefits that Advance America’s updated website offers. Visit Advance America today to apply for a fast and easy personal loan and get access to the money tools and resources you need. There are also 1,400 Advance America stores with helpful team members ready to assist.
Source: Advance America