Adrian D. Nelson’s New Book ‘Church Boy Love’ is an Incredible Story About Restoring Faith in God After Going Through Tough Times

Fulton Books author Adrian D. Nelson, a single dad, a hardworking, successful federal employee, and a former journalist and reporter for over two decades, has completed his most recent book “Church Boy Love”: a relevant account that depicts the life of a Christian boy whose faith is tested by God. Here we witness how he continues to receive the Lord’s guidance throughout unexpected journeys.
Adrian writes, “Have you ever been in that chapter of your life where everything that could possibly go wrong does so you just want to curse God and die or you question if God even really exists?
What would you do if you simply wanted to live the blessed life of a devoted Christian, to excel in school, to make your family proud, to find true love and live happily ever after yet everything came crashing down when evil interrupted?
In the ’80s, Street was a lost soul and once a devoted Christian teenage boy living in Jamaica; he backslid after a series of devastating life-changing events over the years led him to doubt and to create this bizarre test game in certain situations to have God or the devil prove their existence to him. The devil constantly did.
He lost his faith and resorted to dancing to fill that void by forming a breakdance group called the Street Boys. They became popular, and he became content. But it didn’t last. With evil and trouble constantly tormenting him, the Street Boys eventually transitioned into a ruthless street gang to defend themselves against their rivals and enemies.
But amidst all the street fights and mayhem that consumed him, he one day found solace—love in a Christian girl, which eventually led him back to Christ.
Happy ending, you might think, but far from it!
The twists, turns, and shockers that accompanied his new relationship with her led to more mayhem, bloodshed, and heartbreak—and even worse, an ending that no one ever saw coming or could have even predicted.
This story is based on actual events.”
Published by Fulton Books, Adrian D. Nelson’s book is an enlightening manuscript that makes readers realize that God never forsakes His children. It also conveys that God always gives His people hope and a chance to turn away from evil, and make a better life with Him and their loved ones.
Readers who wish to experience this significant work can purchase “Church Boy Love” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble. Coming soon to Audible.
Source: Fulton Books