ADIMO Announces Most Secure Safes Line Providing Maximum Protection Against Damage and Theft

ADIMO, a security technology company dedicated to building reliable and secure safety products and solutions, today revealed their latest and most secure line of safes. 
Founded in 1997, ADIMO is a global leader in offering security storage solutions for important documents and valuables. ADIMO produces and distributes safes and security storage containers to more than 20 countries worldwide. “Create the most efficient way to store your most prized possessions.” This is the working principle that every staff in ADIMO persists in. 
Combined with the brand advantage of safety, innovation and ease of use, ADIMO aims to create more efficient methods to provide customers best security storage solution. Since the brand was founded, it keeps presenting the best to customers and protecting valuables and unreplaced-cherished belongings for all customers.
After years of research, development, and testing, ADIMO is currently rolling out its newest line of safes that are available for purchase.
ADIMO Safe Box Product Details:
· Dual Warning Alarm System that offers double the protection. Wrong input and vibration alarms provide instant warnings when needed.
· Doors are installed with three large diamond bolts that make them sturdier and almost impenetrable. Provides maximum protection against forced entry. 
· Made from extra thick and extra strong alloy steel, the ADIMO safe boxes are thicker and more dependable than standard safes. Helps protect against potential drilling or unwanted damage.
· Built-in Intelligent Guardian Warning Alarm System notifies customers immediately when valuables or cherished belongings are in danger. 
· Easy to install with 2 expansion screw holes at the back of the safe. Install it on the wall in the office or in the closet at home to prevent thieves from taking the entire safe, adding one more level of protection.
· Extra storage space equipped with a removable compartment and separate built-in cabinet that can be moved to place documents when needed. 
Currently, ADIMO safes come in 3 sizes; 1.2 cubic ft, 1.63 cubic ft, and 2.8 cubic ft. There’s plenty of room to store essential treasures of all sizes, and ADIMO safes products are the most secure place for storing valuable items such as cash, gold, jewelry, passports, memorabilia, family heirlooms, or other important documents.
ADIMO safe boxes are currently available on the official website ( and, ranging from $159.99 to $309.99. Follow the links below to get ADIMO safe:
1.2 cubic feet:
1.63 cubic feet:
2.8 cubic feet:
Source: ADIMO