Addie R. Marrow’s New Book ‘The Trichotomy of a Temporary Office Worker’ is a Roller-Coaster Journey of a Woman Struggling to Survive in This Socioeconomic Society

Addie R. Marrow holds an Associate degree in Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, is a former licensed school secretary, and an active and recognized individual in community work. She is also a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Addie has completed her new book, “The Trichotomy of a Temporary Office Worker”: an insightful account following the life of a woman who spent twelve years of her life working as temporary office worker in different job assignments. She’s a woman who dreams of a better life for herself and family; however, the bitter reality of discrimination is prevalent in the world that she’s living in. It presents the difference in treatment between upper class and lower class; as well as calls out the exploitation done against the temporary office workers.
Marrow shares, “The book entitled The Trichotomy of a Temporary Office Worker expresses a compilation of various job assignments in the job market in New York City. It chronicles the journey in learning that the American dream continues to be interrupted by a system that hinders progression. Hence, an outlined story of endurance and bouncing back.
In the story, one will find a conjecture of an exposition of a particular social phenomenon that can be viewed as a somewhat complex issue about temporary office workers within our contemporary society today. There are three separate entities that will get paid—the temporary service, the company or organization, and lastly, the temporary office worker.
Needless to say, perhaps the temporary office worker may possibly be embodied with a meager socioeconomic income that promotes a bleak forecast when measured on the so-called financial scale of economics.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Addie R. Marrow’s new book is an enlightening piece that probes on the lack of fairness in the corporate world. The author’s experiences are just one of the examples that an impending discrimination deprives one of a brighter future.
One of this work’s goal is to call for unity to respect one another and to not judge one’s capability based on their nationality, skin color, creed, or their religious origin.
Readers can purchase “The Trichotomy of a Temporary Office Worker” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books