ADAPT Training Selects AMP to Digitize and Scale Industrial Performance Service Line

ADAPT Training, a leading provider of performance therapy, athletic training, and workplace wellness solutions, has tapped AMP, a cutting-edge engagement and business intelligence platform, to bolster its health, safety, and wellbeing programs for industrial laborers.
The partnership will allow ADAPT Training to scale its processes while showcasing a commitment to the latest in tech enablement as it relates to data and outcomes transparency. “We’re incredibly excited about the industrial health market and our capacity to directly address injury prevention and human performance with AMP,” said ADAPT CEO Jeff Nelson. “One doesn’t have to look far to see the headlines of this specific worker population in terms of physical impacts and economic need. Employers cannot afford to have their employees nicked up, riding the bench or contemplating quitting because of physical issues that we believe are in large part preventable. With the right approach to vulnerability detection and intervention, employers can count on employees to be present, engaged, mentally and physically resilient, and determined to produce at the highest of levels — both in the workplace and in their homes and communities.”
The collaboration between ADAPT Training and AMP underscores a common theme in today’s services landscape: In order to keep pace with both employer requirements and employee expectations, service providers are evolving into tech-enabled service providers. ADAPT Training, in its mission to serve as “mechanics for the human body,” will now be armed with a comprehensive platform to risk stratify a physical laborer’s musculoskeletal capacity via motion capture, personalize a durability, strength and conditioning program, and lastly, empower the provider-employee relationship with real-time communication. 
“This partnership with ADAPT is another specialty-specific opportunity for AMP’s technology to assist service providers and employers in their efforts to drive employee wellbeing, reduce medical spend, and ensure a sustainable business,” explained AMP CEO David Nichols. “We’re extremely proud to be making this type of impact for all three stakeholders: the service provider, the employer, and the physical laborer.”
Built with the best sports scientists and sports medicine practitioners to prepare elite athletes for competition, AMP empowers employee service providers with the risk management and cost containment tools necessary to adopt a proactive stance to overall worker health and wellbeing. An enterprise platform that scales to fit organizations of all sizes, it is customizable to suit a range of industries looking to engage employees in programs to keep them safe, strong, and productive. Working with elite partners to solve big problems in challenging environments is central to AMP’s mission.
Source: AMP