Adam Modzeleski of Rainbow Funding & Realty awarded The Best Mortgage Broker

Adam Modzeleski, (NMLS #1462961) the owner of Rainbow Funding & Realty won The Argus’ Best Mortgage Broker Award in 2018. The firm in addition to this award has won several other awards for helping people buy/sell properties and obtain the right financing solution for their needs.

Some of these awards include – The Best Real Estate Office in 2018 and The Most Community-Minded Company in 2017 –
Rainbow Funding & Realty has played a key role in the local community at large and is precisely why it deserves the awards it has received year over year

One of the specialties of Rainbow Funding & Realty is that it has the tools to help people who lost their homes due to disaster, move into a new home quickly. It does this by offering them FHA 203(H) loans. FHA financing is available for home buyers whose disaster-affected home was located in one of the Presidentially Declared Major Disaster Areas (PDMDAs). The 203(H) loans help disaster victims by giving them 100% financing on a new home. This loan is available for FHA-approved condominiums and single-family properties.

Rainbow Funding & Realty understands how tough it can be to recover from a disaster, especially when it leaves families without a home. FHA 203(H) loans have several benefits over conventional loans: They are available with 100% financing – there is no need of a down payment. In addition, these are fixed-rate and high balance loans that don’t factor in current loans on damaged homes. Plus, Rainbow Funding donates $250 to the Butte County School District every time a borrower obtains a 203 (H) Loan. This contribution helps homeless students with their clothes, textbooks, and other necessary things.

Rainbow Funding & Realty has been serving the Tri-City area for more than 37 years. Whether it is locating the right home, selling a home at the right price, or getting pre-qualified for a purchase, Rainbow Funding has the right solution.
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