Adam Basner, M.D. Offers Premium Breast Augmentation and Median Myotomy Services in Greater Baltimore Region

Among a variety of cosmetic services, plastic surgeon Dr. Adam L. Basner conducts top-quality breast implant and breast lift procedures in the Greater Baltimore area. With an estimated one in four Americans working from home in 2021, there’s never been a better time for patients to recover from treatment and ease back into their jobs. 
While every woman’s body is different, the average recovery time with a breast augmentation occurs within four weeks. However, many women start feeling back to normal and working again within a week’s time. Dr. Basner works with each individual patient to assess overall health and determine a more definitive timeline prior to the procedure. 
Breast augmentation postoperative recovery stages typically occur as follows:
Along with performing exceptional services like breast augmentation in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Basner also provides median myotomy. An application for breast implants, this type of procedure can either take place above or below the muscle. Of the two options, it’s most commonly performed below the muscle or internally. This form of median myotomy provides a breast lift and helps make the implant fuller. Compared to an external lift, those conducted internally don’t pose the risk of scarring on the outside of the patient’s body. When a median myotomy is performed with an external lift, however, it can result in a fuller lift. If patients are interested in a median myotomy, Dr. Basner and his expert staff members can help them decide whether an internal or external lift best suits their needs. 
While the average breast lift cost at Dr. Basner’s practice is typically $7,000, the final amount may vary. After a patient’s initial consultation, the staff will help determine an exact amount and the best form of payment. 
Whether individuals desire a breast lift without breast implants or the best breast implants on the market, Dr. Basner and his staff are here to assist with unparalleled service. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he is committed to utilizing his skills and experience to provide patients with natural-looking, life-changing results. With a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Basner treats any patient seeking a breast lift in Baltimore, Maryland, as well as Columbia, Owings Mills, Towson, Nearby Maryland and Lower Pennsylvania.  
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Source: Adam Basner, M.D.