Actress Kelly Ann Barret for Maxim Cover Girl 2020

“Kelly Ann Barrett in the running to be on the cover of Maxim Magazine”

Kelly Ann Barrett is an American film and TV actress, model, writer, and producer. She studied the craft of acting in NY for 10 years before moving to LA to take her career more seriously. “I felt like there would be more opportunity in Los Angeles. NY is more for Broadway, and you don’t want me singing that’s for sure!” Since relocating, she changed her hair color back to brunette from blond and started booking way more work. “I had horrible headshots as a blond, I wasn’t booking anything. As soon as I went back brunette, I started booking a bunch.” Say’s Ms. Barrett. She had a consultation with top photographers in LA and followed their advice when they told her brunette was her best look. Kelly says she worked a lot in NY as a blond because there weren’t very many. But most of the roles she got were stripper and hooker roles.

Kelly loves the craft of acting, and that’s why she got into the industry. As a child, she was a dancer and a model, but never really took her career seriously. She says the wasn’t one of the lucky kids who had a “momager.” She loved to dance, then got into music production, then gave it all up to focus on acting. About 10 years ago she started writing and created her production company called KAB Films Inc. She produced a pilot for one of her friends, but they ended up using her for money and cut her out of the project altogether. “Real Scum,” She says. Kelly says she has a problem with a lot of men using her in this industry to get ahead. She states they will sweet talk you till they get what they want the walk all over you and you throw you under a bus because they are only manipulating their success and don’t care about you. The Me Too Movement is all about that. “I’ve had opportunities hung in front of my face if I only followed through with dating men, but I wasn’t interested in advancing my career by dating someone I wasn’t attracted to. I’ve never been offered anything for sex in return for the advancement of my career, but there’s a lot of manipulative men in this industry so you have to be careful.”

Kelly has had a very successful print and commercial career thus far. She has worked with Harley Davidson and had a national commercial with Huntington Back. She is also featured in numerous music videos and independent films. She had a few scenes in various films that are in post-production at the moment. One of the films was produced by a big manager affiliated with a well-known company called Zero Gravity Management called “Miss Havisham Effect”

Another reason for her relocation to LA was to study the craft of acting with master acting coach Eric Morris. “Eric is a genius. He’s been teaching for over 50 years. His dedication to the craft of acting will live on forever. His technique is so laser-focused, he gets right to the point. No one teaches like him, he is the best last living acting coaches on the planet. People come from all over the world to study with him. He is Strasberg beyond. At 87 years old, he’s as sharp as a button. I”m so glad I get to study with him and wished I had a long time ago.”

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