Actress Jessica Ross Announced as Guest on Mogul Studios Live Q and A on Monday, May 4th

After launching it’s new website last week, an exciting new film company, Mogul Studios, has just announced it’s line up of guests to be featured on their live Q&A Instagram shows in May. Among the guests will be Jessica Ross. As an actress, publicist, and reporter, Jessica has over 200 media placements and appeared in popular films, tv shows, and magazines. She joins a small sleet group of prominent Hollywood guests set to be interviewed including Dane Hallett ( Aquaman, Mad Mad, Pirates of the Caribbean ) and Jordan Ver Hoeve ( Huge in France, Exploited 2021).

Made up of some of the best in tech, and the film space, Mogul Studios is a progressive film studio allowing never before access to Hollywood by inviting users to invest, vote, and interact on films. Between the film advisers, Mogul has handled close to 1 billion in film budgets and produced over 80 award-winning films.

“Jessica has a tremendous command of the film industry, both from being on television but also behind the scenes on how entertainment artists need to navigate publicity, I was thrilled to be able to get someone of her talent and inside knowledge,” says film adviser and one of the co-founders, James Pratt who will host the upcoming live Q&As.

Outside of film investment, the Mogul site offers progressive features rarely seen in film studios, including an artist community for entertainment professionals to sign up, network, display their work and interact with each other including direct message, whilst anyone whose a fan of movies can play trivia, vote on film scripts and is rewarded for simply being on the site.

Catch Moguls live Q&A with Jessica Ross on Monday, May 4th, 12 pm PST at

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