Acoustic Therapy Center Providing Shockwave Therapy For ED and Other Men’s Health Clinic Services

Acoustic Therapy Center, a well-established, Palo Alto-based men’s health clinic, is offering innovative treatments for erectile dysfunction and other services for men’s reproductive health. These non-surgical and non-invasive treatments such as shockwave therapy and acoustic wave therapy work by targeting insufficient blood flow and breaking down plaque to stimulate capillary growth.
According to Dr. Eric G. LeVeen, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Acoustic Therapy Center, erectile dysfunction is extremely common and often affects many men over the age of 50. While many treatments are available to improve the condition, Dr. LeVeen offers contemporary therapies, the most notable being shockwave therapy for ED. This innovative method reduces the dependency on medications and provides a non-invasive option for men struggling with erection difficulties. 
Acoustic Wave Therapy also provides a noninvasive erectile dysfunction treatment that uses sound waves to generate new blood vessels and capillary growth. Acoustic Therapy Center considers the frustrations and unsurety that can accompany an ED diagnosis and seeks to provide minimally invasive solutions that put patients at ease. A physical exam and a medical history screening is all that’s required to be approved for treatment. 
Other services provided by Acoustic Therapy Center include testosterone & endocrine testing, treatment for Peyronie’s Disease and Myofascial Pain Syndrome, and Musculoskeletal Therapy. These treatments all target their related issues in a non-invasive way, providing comfort and relief without the need for pills, creams, or surgeries that can bring on unwanted side effects. 
Those interested in any of Acoustic Therapy Center’s services for men’s health are invited to visit for general questions or contact information.
About Acoustic Therapy Center
Operated by board-certified general surgeon Dr. Eric G. LeVeen, Acoustic Therapy Center provides convenient access to high-quality medical care to male patients who are over the age of 40 and up. Based in Palo Alto, other office locations include Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco. With a focus on innovation and holistic approaches, Acoustic Therapy Center is dedicated to providing outstanding patient care within a safe and welcoming environment.
Source: Acoustic Therapy Center