Ace Peak Investment Launches Virtual Second Phone Number Service to Protect Caller Privacy

In the age of identity theft and other risks related to cybercriminals, bank fraudsters and scammers, Ace Peak Investments keeps user privacy at the forefront of its priorities. It’s with its new service to create virtual phone numbers. Ace, a leading global telecom service provider, announced today that it had added a virtual phone number service to its product lineup to protect individuals and businesses’ privacy. Available for over 30 countries, the service works by generating a second phone number that can be printed, posted, or shared without compromising privacy.  
With Ace’s virtual phone numbers, users can call and text safely without sharing their personal information with someone who might take advantage of it. 
“Today, individuals are connecting through online dating apps, people are starting small businesses from their smartphones, and influencers are sharing their information publicly with millions of followers they have never met. Whatever the endeavour, sharing a personal phone number is risky business. That is why we launched the virtual phone number product. Now, users can stay safe in any situation while still maintaining their privacy,” said a statement by Parisha Dhanak, Vice President of Ace Peak Investment.
The virtual phone number service protects real phone numbers so users can be free to engage in marketing or sharing their contact information however they choose. A local or international virtual phone number can be forwarded to any mobile phone number or landline phone number globally. An international call forwarding service for businesses is available anywhere in the world. Forward an incoming call on a virtual number to any phone number around the world at any time. Unwanted calls can be automatically connected to your own mailbox with a quality online voicemail service. Your own voicemail greeting for your business and personal numbers are available. Each call is recorded with a quality call recording system. With the virtual phone number service active, Ace reroutes calls coming to a second “fake” front-end phone number and sends the call to the cell phone or business line. Both calling and texting with virtual phone numbers are available and bulk virtual phone number package options for high-volume customers.
Ace Peak Investment
Ace Peak Investment, (Ace, is a worldwide-known telecom service provider in giving retail & wholesale international, virtual phone numbers, Cloud PBX and call center solutions.
Ace Peak investment offers an internet portal for commerce and wholesale voice termination, DIDs, VoIP termination services, wholesale AZ termination rates and SMS API services. This one-stop platform permits carriers to access various network suppliers and customers to fulfill the capability demand with quality assurance.
Ace’s strong expertise of 30 years and profound experience within the telecommunications trade has enabled them to develop an automatic carrier platform for telecom operators and carriers.
Source: Ace Peak Investment